Other Personal Services Contracts Which Include Travel

Published: September 25th, 1995

Category: Memos

Emily J. Hamby, Director of Purchasing Division

If you are issuing an OPS purchase order or contract in which you are paying a vendor a fee for services plus reimbursing travel expenses, you must encumber the money for travel as a separate line item charged to the travel object code. We cannot include the travel costs in the OPS category.


OPS purchase order to consult for the period of October 2, 1995 through October 6, 1995 by John Doe.

Line 1 5 days @$200 per day consultation fee $1000.00

Object Code 131302 (OPS)

Line 2 Travel expenses $600.00

Object Code 262002 (OE)


According to the State Comptroller Office, travel must be charged to Travel Object Codes which track to Expense.

To avoid the above, we suggest you negotiate fees that are all inclusive whenever possible

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