Program Description

Email Distribution of Administrative Memos

Formerly managed by Information Technology, the UF Administrative Memo system, its procedures and website are administered by Strategic Communications and Marketing. The site can be found at: Included on the site are archives dating back to 1995, when it was previously named the DDD emails.

The UF Administrative Memos are distributed to the nearly 3,000 UF employees, who have voluntarily signed up to receive the emails. Faculty, staff and students with a Gatorlink account can subscribe through the website.

Appropriate use of the UF Administrative Memo remains the same. It is a tool to announce changes to university policies and procedures, changes in personnel at the college dean level and above, and changes to other business practices. All messages must be approved by the appropriate vice president and should be no longer than 300 words.

Information for the UF Administrative Memo should be submitted in Microsoft Word or simple text as an editable email attachment and sent to Please allow reasonable time for the email message to be processed and distributed.

Memos are archived at The program has been successful in its efficiency and effectiveness.

Mail lists used to deliver email versions of administrative memos change as personnel assignments are updated.


The following requirements should be followed by those wishing to submit an Administrative Memo for distribution.

Administrative Memos should be:

  • approved by a vice president of the unit authorizing the memo;
  • used to announce changes to university policy and procedure, or to announce personnel changes at the college dean level and above;
  • includes the sender’s name, title, unit, date and subject
  • kept to 300 words or less (not including standard memo header, footer);
  • submitted in plain text, without formatting (tables, columns, bold, italics, etc.); (Documents requiring formatting should either be hosted by the unit and referred to by a URL in the body of the memo, or should be forwarded to to be posted at Capturing text from printed documents is time consuming and prone to error, so please refrain from sending printed material or pdf files.
  • Please submit all memos to Administrative Memo at:

List Membership

Faculty, staff and students with a Gatorlink who would like to receive administrative memos can add themselves to the distribution list by sending an email message to

Include “SUBSCRIBE Administrative-Memo-L” (without the quote marks) in the message body. After sending the message, they should receive an email message in return indicating a successful subscription with detailed instructions about how to remove their name from the list whenever they wish.

Questions? Please contact Blake Trauschke at, or 352-846-3903 to discuss any questions or concerns about this policy.