Do office managers receive the same messages?
They can but won’t automatically. UF faculty, staff and students are eligible to sign up on the Administrative-Memo-L list. Instructions are available on the Administrative Memo website.
I am a new Dean, Director or Department Chair. How do I get added to the appropriate list?
Please visit this page for more information.
Are Administrative Memos the same all over campus, or are they tailored for particular colleges and programs?
As this is a campus-wide notification system, they are the same everywhere.
Can we respond by email to those Administrative Memo messages which are inquiries?
Not unless the memorandum contains explicit instructions to do so. While any Vice President can authorize the creation of an Administrative Memo, there is one point of entry for a memo to be sent out on the email distribution system. Strategic Communications and Marketing posts memos authored by the administration of the campus.
When preparing an Administrative Memo for email distribution should I include the formatting of the From, To, footer lines about the URL, etc. or is that done by a process after the author submits the text?
Yes, please include the formatting noted above. You may copy the layout from existing memos if you wish for smoother distribution of the message. Attachments are not sent via administrative memo. You will need to post the additional information on a corresponding webpage.