Physical Plant Division Customer Survey

Published: April 1st, 1996

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David S. O’Brien, Director

Last March, the Physical Plant Division conducted a campus-wide customer survey as one of the first steps in our Total Quality Management Program. The feedback we received was very enlightening and formed the basis for operational changes we have made to improve our services. We intend to make the customer survey an annual event to continuously measure the results of our efforts and to gather additional customer feedback regarding areas that may need further improvement.

We have sent 200 surveys to customers identified through our Work Management database. In addition, I would greatly appreciate it if you or an associate might take the time to provide us with a few comments. I have enclosed three copies of the survey for your use. Please distribute them to any appropriate individuals in your organization, and feel free to make copies if additional people wish to respond.

Please return the surveys to me at P.O. Box 117700 via the attached pre-addressed envelopes by April 19, 1996. Thank you for your assistance.

Physical Plant Division Customer Survey Package

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