New Information Resource Request form

Published: May 15th, 1996

Category: Memos

Sam Trickey, Executive Director

Although sweeping change had been proposed, apparently the recent legislative session altered only the details of the Information Resource Management statute. Meanwhile, there have been enough increases in the dollar amounts for various approval levels that revising the IRR form is finally worthwhile. We’ve taken the opportunity to simplify it as well.

Effective June 3 the new form will be required. It can be obtained from Office of Information Technologies and Services, PO Box 113010 (email; phone 392-4519, fax 392-6886). The new form also is available in one electronic format, Microsoft Word 6.x, available at OITS’ web site.

(Notice that the printed appearance of the downloaded form may differ slightly from platform to platform.) Please let us know if you find this electronic availability useful and if you would find other wordprocessor formats to be useful as well.

For now use of paper forms must continue because of the historical separation of purchasing and IRM review as distinct business processes. We are working to get routine IRR approvals (i.e., those other than Major Projects) incorporated in the on-line purchasing process.

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