Payroll/Personnel/Budget files closed from 2/21-2/23

Published: February 17th, 1997

Category: Memos

Ed Poppell, Associate Vice President for Administrative Affairs

As announced by Provost Elizabeth Capaldi, the University is implementing systems to give departments, units and colleges the ability to do distributions for salaried appointments and to do transfers between salaried positions. In order to convert to the new processes, the following systems will be closed beginning Friday, February 21, 1997 through Sunday, February 23, 1997:

A.C.C.E.S.S. System Payroll Certifications
C & G NOA Entry Payroll TKL Status
C.E.C. A.C.C.E.S.S. System Payroll/Personnel Distributions
Central Employment Tables System Personnel Resource Commitment
Emergency Payroll Cert/Authorization Salary & OPS Account Information
Health Assessment Management Time Card Effort Data Update
Health Assessment Management Admin. UF Central Leave System
I.S. File Support Product UF Employee Information File
Performance Appraisal System
UF Employee Information File — with History
VRS System
UF Occupation Code Browse
Past History Distributions UF Payroll/Personnel System
Payroll Cert Authorization Unauthorized Payroll Certifications

Please alert your employees to plan ahead for this event. On-line messages will be put on each of these systems beginning Monday, February 17, 1997 as a reminder to your employees. All systems will be back in operation Monday, February 24, 1997.

If you have any questions or concerns about this matter, please contact Warren Curry, Associate Director, Information Systems at 392-1285.

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