Revised Rental Vehicle Contract

Published: April 22nd, 1997

Category: Memos

John P. Kruczek, University Controller

As provided in the Rental Vehicle Contract with Avis, effective May 1, 1997 an in-state excess mileage charge will apply to all in-state rentals that exceed an average of 100 miles per day.

This excess mileage charge will be in addition to the current mileage charge for fuel. The total excess mileage and fuel charge for miles in excess of 100 miles per day is as follows:

(A) ECAR $.11 (standard $.04 plus excess $.07)
(B) CDAR $.11 (standard $.04 plus excess $.07)
(C) IDAR $.11 (standard $.04 plus excess $.07)
(E) FDAR $.12 (standard $.05 plus excess $.07)
(V) MVAN $.20 (standard $.05 plus excess $.15)

The excess mileage is computed by multiplying the number of days of the rental by 100 miles per day to arrive at the allowed amount and subtracting the total from the total mileage for the rental. Any excess is calculated at the new excess mileage and fuel charge rate for the appropriate class. For example, a compact (CDAR) car was driven 340 miles during a three day rental. Based on the an average of 100 miles per day, the traveler would be allowed 300 miles at the standard $.04/mile and the excess 40 miles would be charged at $.11/mile.

If you have any questions regarding this increase or need additional information, please contact Susan Bertie ( or Etta Green at (352) 392-1245.

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