Stationery, Envelopes and Business Cards

Published: April 22nd, 1997

Category: Memos

Jack Battenfield, Associate Vice President

The contract (bid #97J-34YC) for stationery and business cards has been renewed for another year. The three selected printers continue to be Double M, Ameriprint and UF Printing and Graphics. Prices are listed on the WWW at

Services for you include free pick-up and delivery; quick turn-around (3 working days for small jobs, 5 days for largest) and assistance in following established university standards. Typesetting charges for stationery and envelopes range from free to $8, and prices for an optional blue ink range from $5 to $10. You can select from the threedifferent printers, use black or navy blue ink, economy or quality recycled paper stock. You can also select from two economy envelopes: one that matches the economy letterhead and one that is slightly less in quality but better for mass mailings.

Prices for essentially the same stationery order can nvary by 60 percent. To determine the best buy, add the cost of the items you want plus possible first-time typesetting and the possible charge if you prefer blue ink.

Remember that you can buy from one or all three of the printers listed on the attached sheets. You are not expected to stationery from one printer and envelopes from another just to save 50 cents. Convenience also has a value. Envelopes and letterhead generally match better if from the same printer on the same brand of paper.

Please provide this information to the person in your office who orders stationery, envelopes and business cards. Note that the FEID numbers for the printers are as follows: Ameriprint VF 382563328003, Double M VF 592662505002 and UF Printing an Graphics VF 596002052069

Thank you.

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