Operation and Control of University Owned Vehicles

Published: July 24th, 1997

Category: Memos

John P. Kruczek, University Controller

University policy requires that departments who manage and operate state owned motor vehicles for official business purposes, must maintain a log, the University of Florida Vehicle Use Record, for each vehicle. Logs are required for all university owned motor vehicles, except certain service vehicles, farm equipment and other non-licensed equipment. Vehicle usage logs must provide a record of the date, time in and time out, driver, organization, purpose of the trip, beginning and ending odometer readings, and vehicle identification.

The driver, for each trip, must sign the log to certify that the information is accurate and that they have a valid operator’s license at the time that they are using the vehicle. In addition, the logs should be reviewed by an appropriate individual within the department to verify that the logs have been filled out completely, that usage of the vehicle is only for business purposes and that each driver has signed the log to certify that they have a valid operator’s license. The reviewer should sign or initial each reviewed page of the usage log to indicate that a review has been conducted and to certify that the reviewer has knowledge that each listed driver holds a valid operator’s license. Each department must verify that individuals who operate state owned motor vehicles assigned to their department have a valid vehicle operator’s license. This can be accomplished by maintaining a photocopy of the operator’s license in departmental personnel records.

A copy of the Vehicle Use Record is attached. A supply of blank Vehicle Use Records can be obtained from the University Printing Services. More information on this subject is available in the Handbook on Business Procedures, Section 4D-4.07D. This information is also available on-line at http://www.admin.ufl.edu/. Please contact me or Bonnie Cauthon at 392-1321 if you have any questions or concerns regarding these requirements.

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