Moving and Equipment Loan Service

Published: November 5th, 1997

Category: Memos

David S. O’Brien, Director

Traditionally, the Builder Services Department in Physical Plant has been providing loan of tables, chairs, risers, and podiums for official University programs. A dedicated crew was established to inventory and deliver and pick-up these loaned items. When the crew was not engaged in equipment loans, it was made available to E&G activities to move furniture and other bulky and heavy items. This also included the moving of packed boxes when offices were moved within or between buildings. All these services were provided free of charge to E&G activities and at a small charge to non-E&G activities.

Funding levels for PPD operations have not kept pace with increasing costs, especially in the utilities area. This situation has caused us to re-examine our ability to provide these services free of charge. Our conclusion is that we must now charge for moving services and equipment loan.

Effective January 1, 1998, all E&G and eligible non-E&G activities will be charged for moving and equipment loan services. Work requests received and agreed to prior to November 6, 1997, will be honored without charge. The following is the rate schedule for loans and moving services:

    Items                  1st day         Each Subsequent Day
    Folding Chairs       $0.50/Chair         $0.15/Chair
    Folding Tables       $3.00/Table         $1.00/Table
    Risers               $5.00/Riser         $1.00/Riser
    Podiums              $5.00/Podium        $1.00/Podium

    Delivery and Pickup:
   Labor                     $14.71/Hr/Crewmember
   Truck                     $25.00/Hr

    Moving Services:
   Labor                     $14.71/Hr/Crewmember
   Truck                     $25.00/Hr

As always, Building Services labor and equipment loan is subject to availability on a first come, first serve basis. Santioned University events have special priority. Requests for these services should be addressed to the Work Management Center at 392-1121.

Any questions regarding our new procedures can be answered by Dug Jones, Assistant Director for Physical Plant at 846-1622.

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