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Published: April 6th, 1998

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Telecommunications Department

Updated departmental listings for the SUNCOM directory on the World Wide Web must be received in our office NO LATER THAN MAY 4 in order to meet the Division of Communications deadline.

Please submit only Departmental listings to the Telecommunications Department, PPD 429, P.O. Box 117725 or FAX to 392-8701. Department listings will not be automatically deleted. Listings will be removed or changed only if you submit corrections.

Review the University of Florida listings online at:

Do not send personnel listings to the Telecommunications Department. Personnel listings may be submitted at any time during the year directly to SUNCOM Directory Coordination by FAX (8-277-2329) or E-MAIL (BANKSE@DMS.STATE.FL.US).

If you have any questions concerning your listings, call 392-1139.

Listing Changes Authorized

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