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Published: December 1st, 1998

Category: Memos

David S. O’Brien, Director, Physical Plant Division

Andy Hulsey, Assistant Director, Telecommunications Department

Updated departmental listings for the SUNCOM directory on the World Wide Web must be received in our office NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 21 in order to meet the Division of Communications deadline.

Please submit only Departmental listings to the Telecommunications Department, PPD 429, P.O. BOX 117725 or FAX to 392-8701. Department listings will not be automatically deleted. Listings will be removed or changed only if you submit corrections.

Review the University of Florida listings online at:

Do not send personnel listings to the Telecommunications Department. Personnel listings may be submitted at any time during the year directly to SUNCOM Directory Coordination by FAX (8-277-2329) or E-MAIL (BANKSE@DMS.STATE.FL.US).

If you have any questions concerning your listings, call 392-1139.
Listing Changes Authorized By:________________________________________
Telephone Number:_____________________________________________________

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