New Purchasing Requirements

Published: January 12th, 1999

Category: Memos

Emily J. Hamby, C.P.M., Director

The 1998 Legislature exempted the State University System from most of the requirements contained in Chapter 287 of the Florida Statutes. Effective January 13, 1999 Purchasing will be operating under Rules of the Board of Regents rather than the Statutes. The University will have more flexibility in making some decisions but the biggest change will be that the formal bid level will move to $25,000 except for printing and construction which are governed by different statutes, 283 and 255 respectively.

We will be revising Chapter 8 of the “Handbook on Business Procedures” as quickly as possible to reflect the changes. It will be available on the Purchasing web page under Administrative Affairs as soon as we can get the revision completed.

In the meantime, if you have questions, please call your appropriate Purchasing Office.

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