Revised USPS and A&P Special Pay Increase Policy and Request Form

Published: February 10th, 1999

Category: Memos

Steve Wing, Assistant Director, Classification and Compensation

In response to campus-wide input, minor changes to the USPS and A&P special pay increase policy and request form have been made. These changes will help ensure management is able to provide employees with appropriate compensation should circumstances that warranted special pay increases change. In particular, if a special pay increase is given to an employee for increased responsibilities or increased volume of work, the pay increase later can be removed by the same department that implemented it if it also removes the additional responsibilities or volume of work. The approval of University Personnel Services is required to remove an increase.

Effective immediately, all special pay increase requests should use the revised special pay increase request form. Classification and Compensation will be unable to process salary increases based on increased responsibilities unless the new form is used.

Both the revised USPS and A&P special pay increase policy and request form may be downloaded from our web site Click on “Downloadable Forms and Publications” and then the select the appropriate document. If you are unable to gain access to these documents or have questions, please contact our office at 392-1213, SC 622-1213, TDD 392-7734.

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