Dr. Phillip A. Sharp Presents Presidential Lecture

Published: March 18th, 1999

Category: Memos

Dr. John V. Lombardi, President

Phillip A. Sharp, Ph.D., Salvador E. Luria Professor and Head of the Department of Biology at the Center for Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will be the next speaker in the Presidential Lecture Series at the University of Florida.

Dr. Sharp’s research has focused on the molecular biology of tumor viruses and the mechanisms of RNA splicing. His landmark achievement was the discovery of RNA splicing in 1977. For his efforts in the study of genetics, he received a Nobel Prize in 1993. In addition, Dr. Sharp has received the Eli Lilly Award in molecular biology and the U.S. Steel Award from the National Academy of Sciences.

President John V. Lombardi will introduce Dr. Sharp at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, April 5, in the Communicore Building Room C1-15. The lecture, entitled “Biology of RNA Splicing,” will be audio and visually patched into C1-17 and C1-3.

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