Addendum to Campus Signage Policy

Published: June 22nd, 1999

Category: Memos

Gerald Schaffer, Vice President


The following modification replaces Item II. APPLICABILITY of University of Florida Campus Exterior Sign Policy dated April 1992 as approved by President Lombardi in November 1991:

“This policy shall be applicable to all University of Florida departments, agencies, and tenants on the campus located in Gainesville, Florida. Official university signage may be designated for academic departments within a building. Major administrative units reporting directly to a Vice President may also be identified on the signage. Multiple designations should be listed in alphabetical order. Any other designation requires prior written approval of the Provost. Requests for such approval should be forwarded to the Provost through the Physical Plant Director. Signage relating to areas on campus such as McCarty Woods or the Natural Area Teaching lab may be approved by the Physical Plant Director in conjunction with the Vice President for Administrative Affairs.”

If you have any questions concerning your listings, call Telecommunications at 392-1139.

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