Carnegie Corporation of NY – New Fellowship Program

Published: September 9th, 1999

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Winfred M. Phillips, Dean

The Carnegie Corporation will inaugurate a new fellowship program in the year 2000, with the purpose of supporting fundamental research by young scholars with outstanding promise as well as by established experts who stand to contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge and understanding in the Corporation’s program priorities. Up to 20 fellowships lasting 1-2 years will be awarded annually. The maximum amount available is $100,000.

The Corporation has invited the University of Florida to submit up to 2 nominations for these fellowships. Nominees must be U.S. citizens or have permanent residency status. The Corporation has recently revised its program priorities and nominees must have expertise and promise in one of the following areas:

EDUCATION: (1) Early Childhood Education and Care, (2) Urban School Reform, (3) Higher Education (Teacher Education; Liberal Arts Education).

INTERNATIONAL PEACE AND SECURITY: (1) Nonproliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, (2) Russia and Other Post-Soviet States, (3) New Dimensions of Security, (4) Cross-Program Initiative on Higher Education in the Former Soviet Union.

INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (AFRICA): (1) Strengthening African Universities, (2) Enhancing Women’s Opportunities in Higher Education, (3) Revitalizing Public Libraries, (4) Rule of Law.

DEMOCRACY: (1) Electoral Reform (Campaign Finance Reform; Other Campaign Practices), (2) Intergroup Relations, (3) Implications of the Widened Income Gap.

Please review the Corporation’s revised program priority statement prior to nominating a candidate. This material is available from Carole Oglesby, 392-4804, and also on the Corporation’s website at

This is a new and certainly prestigious fellowship, and we welcome suggested nominees for consideration. By September 20, 1999, please submit to 223 Grinter Hall the following: the candidate’s resume, statement of the candidate’s expertise in the Carnegie Corporation’s program priorities; statement regarding the candidate’s potential for contributing to the Corporation’s programs.

Thank you for your consideration of this new opportunity. Best regards.

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