Return of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Published: October 13th, 1999

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Anthony Greene, Ph.D., Clinical Director

We are pleased to announce that the Employee Assistance Program is again available free of charge to all University of Florida faculty and staff-including OPS employees. The purpose of the EAP is to promote, maintain, and support a positive and productive workplace. The EAP provides a wide range of services including individual employee evaluation and referral, consultation services for supervisors, workshops and training sessions, and support groups.

Up to two visits for individual consultation are available by calling the EAP at 392-5787 to schedule an appointment. These sessions are provided by licensed mental health professionals employed by the University of Florida. If additional counseling is necessary, EAP professionals will refer employees to community providers and agencies that accept university health insurance or charge fees based on income level.

The EAP is administered by the Student Health Care Center’s Student Mental Health Service and is housed in room B-24 of the Infirmary Building. The EAP entrance is separate from the student entrance thus providing employees a private setting.

Detailed brochures and other information will be made available in the near future. For more information, please contact the EAP Office at 392-5787. You also may call 392-1171 to speak with Jackie Ayers, Ph.D., Administrative Director, or me.

We look forward to serving the university community!

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