Office of Technology Licensing

Published: April 14th, 2000

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Winfred M. Phillips, Vice President for Research/Dean of the Graduate School

As many of you know, we have implemented considerable change at the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) to facilitate technology transfer and better serve our faculty. We are also making a concerted effort to inform faculty members about these changes and the Intellectual Property Policies and Procedures at the University of Florida by making presentations to interested faculty groups.

Some of our colleagues may be unaware of the benefits from technologies which are successfully licensed and commercialized. The University of Florida’s net income from works and inventions is distributed as follows:

For Net Income up to $500,000:
40% Individual Creators
10% Research Program(s)
7.5% Creator(s) Department
7.5% Creator(s) College
35% Research & Graduate Programs or University of Florida Research Foundation

For Net Income Over $500,000:
25% Individual Creators
10% Research Program(s)
10% Creator(s) Department
10% Creator(s) College
45% Research & Graduate Programs or University of Florida Research Foundation

Note: Cultivars, germplasm lines or other genetic material developed by UF/IFAS/FAES plant breeders operate under a separate royalty distribution plan as outlined in the UF Intellectual Property Policy.

We have implemented significant changes that we believe will allow a greater number of our technologies to ultimately be licensed. By helping our faculty members to make informed decisions about Intellectual Property, everyone benefits. Anyone interested in arranging to have this presentation given to your faculty or wishing to receive copies of the new OTL brochure or the UF Intellectual Property Policy should contact Jane Muir at 846-1646.

I would be pleased to discuss any of our activities and policies at any time. Suggestions are always welcomed.

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