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Published: May 18th, 2000

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David R. Colburn, Interim Provost

Effective July 1, 2000 all faculty on OPS funds will be classified with the Board of Regents modifier “Adjunct” as stipulated in 6C1-7.003. This will conform the University to the Board of Regents UFF Agreement that only “salaried faculty” can be a member of the bargaining unit. Below is the definition of the modifier “Adjunct” from 6C1-7.003:

This modifier applies to temporary appointments extended to persons of satisfactory professional qualifications who perform temporary teaching, research, or extension functions in connection with established programs. Such appointments are for one academic term at a time, are normally compensated on a per-course basis and possess no continuing contractual relationship with the University. Persons with adjunct appointments may not be employed for more than (50%) fifty percent of the time throughout an academic year or full-time for more than 26 weeks of a fiscal year, unless approved by the Office of Academic Affairs. Time spent in this appointment cannot be counted toward tenure or permanent status.

This change will affect letters of offer that have been done as of this date. Therefore, an addendum will need to be written to each faculty member telling him/her of this change and to amend any statements that were made in regard to Collective Bargaining Agreement.

All faculty having the Board of Regents adjunct modifier will be out of unit.

If you have any questions, please contact Janet Malphurs at 392-1251 or jmmalph@ufl.edu.

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