New Assistant Director of Training and Development

Published: June 16th, 2000

Category: Memos

Larry T. Ellis, Director

I am pleased to announce that University Personnel Services has reestablished its Training and Development section. By focusing on training and development as a critical service area within our division, we will be able to expand our programs to address the effects of emerging technology in the workplace and the demand for a well-trained workforce. Employee Relations will continue to provide services coordinated through our personnel satellite offices but will no longer manage our training efforts.

Please also join me in welcoming Jodi Gentry who has joined University Personnel Services as Assistant Director of Training and Development. Jodi served in a similar role with University Personnel Services several years ago and now rejoins us to manage training efforts for the university community.

In addition to enhancing and expanding faculty training and staff development, Jodi also will oversee the university’s recognition and awards programs and will help with our division’s communication-related activities.

Training and Development now is located in 317 Stadium West, PO Box 115006. If you wish to speak with Jodi about training, development, or recognition issues, please feel free to contact her at 392-4626, or by e-mail at

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