New Functional Names for UF Residence Halls

Published: June 20th, 2000

Category: Memos

Sharon Blansett, Assistant Director

The UF Division of Housing has received authorization to change the functional names of three residence halls. On July 3, 2000, these name changes will occur:

  • Apartment Residence Facility will become the Keys Residential Complex
  • 1995 Residence Facility will become the Springs Residential Complex
  • Residence Hall 2000 will become Lakeside Residential Complex

Traditionally, UF facilities are given functional names until they are officially dedicated. We have eliminated facility names with years in them and facility names that lack imagination. These names will provide more options for programming and community building.

Building numbers will stay the same. Zip codes will stay the same. The 8-digit room address coding will stay the same reflecting the hall number (2 digits) followed by the room number (4 digits) followed by the room occupant number (2 digits). The building names will be abbreviated in mailing addresses to fit database field constraints in consultation with the U.S. Postal Services staff.

Please help us spread the word to students, staff and other interested parties.

Thank you for your support and assistance during this transition period.

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