Privatization of UF Bookstores

Published: June 9th, 2000

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James B. Morgan, Director

The University of Florida is pleased to announce that the University of Florida Bookstores will be managed by Follett Higher Education Group effective July 1, 2000. UF Bookstores has had its most successful year ever and expects to continue to grow under new contract management. The advantages of privatization include expanded e-commerce ventures; national-level marketing and training support; the ability to secure a higher percentage of faculty textbook adoptions; and plans for a new, world-class, state-of-the-art bookstore that will be constructed by 2003.

Mr. Bruce Lulow, Director of UF Bookstores since 1990, has elected to pursue other personal and professional opportunities and will end his tenure at the University of Florida on June 30, 2000. Under Bruce’s guidance and leadership the University of Florida Bookstores attained a high level of performance. The University has benefited due to the number of innovative, customer-focused programs and services developed under Bruce’s direction.

Ms. Lynne Vaughan has been appointed as the Director UF Bookstores/Follett. She will assume her duties on July 1, 2000. Lynne can be reached at:

Phone: (352)392-0194
Mail: PO Box 118450, Gainesville FL 32611-8450

Mr. Jerry Meriwether, who has served as UF Bookstores Associate Director, has accepted the position of contract manager for the University of Florida Business Services Division. Jerry will serve as liaison between the University and Follett and will be pleased to provide support and assistance to any of our customers. Jerry can be reached at:

Phone: (352)392-0306
Mail: PO Box 112450, Gainesville FL 32611-2450

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