Named Presidential Fellowships

Published: October 10th, 2000

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Winfred M. Phillips, Vice President for Research / Dean of the Graduate School

The Named Presidential Fellowship Program began in 1996 and has funded about 60 students to date. As we begin the recruiting season for the 2001-2002 academic year, I want to announce a new selection process that will offer greater flexibility to colleges while maintaining accounting functions in the Graduate School. Rather than having a central selection committee, a designated number of Named Presidential Fellowships will be made available directly to colleges using the allocation table below.

The intent of the program is to support the research enterprise by providing first and four year funding for doctoral or terminal degree level students. Whenever possible, students should be supported during the middle two years on research grants. However, funding for these two years is at the discretion of the department. For your reference, program details are available online at

The following procedures will be required:

  1. Colleges must notify the Graduate School (Lorna Dishman, Executive Secretary, 301 Walker Hall or of their intentions and the process used to select the Named Presidential Fellowships by December 1st. Reallocation of awards among colleges may be made after this date depending on the intentions of individual colleges. Some colleges may elect not to accept an award for a particular year. In this case, the award will be reassigned to another college within a week.
  2. After the selection process is completed, the departments will:
    • Notify the student in writing, including an April 15th (or Monday, if on a weekend) deadline date for response back to the department and the stipend amount (a template is include as guidance);
    • Send the nomination packet(s) as determined by the colleges to the Associate Dean of the Graduate School including a copy of the offer letter;
    • You will need to have a list of alternates in case a student declines the offer.
  3. The Graduate School will:
    • Assign the name of the president to accompany the award;
    • Send a congratulation letter to the student.
  4. Colleges must notify the Associate Dean of the Graduate School promptly when the student has accepted the award so he/she can be placed on payroll.
  5. In the event that a college is unable to use an award, please notify the Graduate school no later than April 20th so the Fellowship can be given to another college.
Distribution for 2001-2002: # Awards
Agricultural and Life Sciences 2
Business Administration 1
Design, Construction and Planning 1
Education 1
Engineering 3
Health and Human Performance 1
Health Professions 1
Liberal Arts and Sciences 3
Medicine 1
Natural Resources and Environment 1
Distribution for 2002-2003: # Awards
Agricultural and Life Sciences 2
Education 1
Engineering 3
Fine Arts 1
Journalism and Communication 1
Liberal Arts and Sciences 3
Medicine 1
Nursing 1
Pharmacy 1
Veterinary Medicine 1

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