Salary Adjustment Plan

Published: October 16th, 2000

Category: Memos

David R. Colburn, Provost

The Faculty Senate recently recommended to me, and the Deans endorsed a proposal that this office allocate one-half of the 9 percent salary increase to all eligible and meritorious faculty in the first year of the Salary Adjustment program and the second one-half in year two. The President and I agree with this recommendation. As a consequence, those faculty with over seven years of service who are approved for this salary adjustment will receive a 9 percent pay increase over two years. If it is possible to do so, this office will fund more than 4.5 percent in this first year. Funding for the second year will, of course, be dependent on the university budget, but it is our intention to fund the remaining portion of that 9 percent pay increase at that time.

Once we complete this two-year introductory period for this program, full professors who are approved for this pay increase will receive a 9 percent pay increase in a single year.

Given this change, I am extending the deadline for the College submission to this office to December 15, 2000.

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