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Published: November 13th, 2000

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Sue M. Legg, Director

The Office of Instructional Resources is pleased to announce the Request for Proposals for course content module development for online instruction. These awards are intended to provide instructional design and web implementation support for faculty who plan to develop multimedia and/or web related materials for their courses. Five grants for up to $5,000 each will be awarded.

Proposals should include the following sections:

  • Project Description. Include a brief description of the content to be covered. Provide a rationale for adapting this content to the web or other media. Indicate how students will interact with the content. What media will be used? Explain the form of the final product e.g. CD- ROM, web page.
  • Course Description. Identify the course for which this module is to be developed. Indicate the enrollment and whether this is a required or elective course.
  • Assistance Required. Explain what type of assistance you will need to complete this module. Give a brief description of your level of expertise in the development of web or multimedia content modules.
  • Timeline: Provide a timeline for completion of this project.
  • Budget: Provide a budget that details how the money is to be allocated. Please note that this money is intended to enable a faculty member to gain needed technical expertise. It is not intended to be used for salary or equipment. Software specifically related to the project can be budgeted as well as consulting and technical implementation support.
  • Evaluation: Describe how you plan to evaluate the impact of this module on instruction. Faculty must agree to provide a brief report of the project to the Office of Instructional Resources.General Information:
  • Awards will be made to faculty who have full time appointments.
  • A faculty review committee will judge proposals.
  • Proposals must be accompanied by the cover sheet signed the department chairperson.
  • Proposals are due December 13th. Awards will be announced by December 18, 2000.Questions? Contact Sue M. Legg, Director, Office of Instructional Resources, at

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