University of Florida Textbook Adoption Incentive Program

Published: March 21st, 2001

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Jim Morgan, Director

The first deadline date of the new Textbook Adoption Incentive Program is April 1, 2001. Please remind your staff and colleagues that they can be eligible for awards-from laptop computers and Palm Pilots to book gift certificates-if they submit their textbook and course material adoption information to the official University of Florida textbook adoption web site. Information on Fall 2001 adoptions can be submitted:

Phone: 352.392.0194
Fax: 352.846.1929

Many faculty members ask why text adoptions have to be submitted at such early dates, and why they have to be submitted to the official University of Florida site. The following briefly answers these questions:

  1. Students receive the highest prices for their used texts at Buyback if the texts have been re-adopted for a future semester. This also provides students with the opportunity to purchase more used books for their courses the following semester.
  2. Course material information related to classes is provided to UF students on the ISIS system, through a cooperative effort of the Office of the Registrar and the Business Services Division.
  3. All local and national book vendors have access to all the information they need to order textbooks from publishers.
  4. Many students receive some type of financial aid and this site is the only official site that offers a deferred payment program for students to obtain their course materials while awaiting disbursement of their financial aid.
  5. Wallace’s Bookstores and Wallace’s Book Company (University Book & Supply, The Florida Bookstore, Inc., Florida Bookstore Volume II, and University Book & Supply at Sante Fe Community College) have filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Court proceedings in progress will determine the outcome of this case, as the companies are approximately $420 million in debt. To be sure that course materials will be available to students for the summer and fall semesters, UF Bookstores needs all course adoption information. Using the online textbook adoption program is the way to be sure all textbooks are available for Fall Semester 2001.
  6. The University of Florida Textbook Adoption Incentive Program is the only program where faculty and staff have an opportunity to get fabulous awards (further details on this program are available at

Thank you providing timely and accurate information to assist us in providing our students with the best services possible.

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