Working at an Alternate Location

Published: July 10th, 2001

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Larry Ellis, Director

To respond to the needs of University of Florida departments and employees-and in light of the influences of technology on the workplace-we are pleased to announce a new “Alternate Work Location Policy” available as a pilot program starting this July.

The new University of Florida “Alternate Work Location Policy” was developed out of a collective effort by campus-wide representatives. As a result of this policy, management may allow employees to work at an approved alternate location instead of physically traveling to a central workplace on campus when such requests meet certain eligibility criteria as described at

Some details:

  • This program will be available effective immediately to all faculty, A&P, and USPS employees.
  • The “Alternate Work Location Policy” has two components: a medical hardship provision as well as a formal telecommuting program.
  • Participation can occur when such working arrangement would benefit both the university and the employee, resources can accommodate the request, and supervisory discretion allows for an employee to work at an alternate location.
  • The “Alternate Work Location Policy” is being piloted for fiscal year 2001-2002. The results of the pilot program will be used to determine whether the policy should be continued and, if so, whether modifications are needed.
  • In all cases, approval to work at a specified alternate location under this policy must be obtained first from the appropriate dean or director and then from the appropriate vice president.

For additional information about this new policy-including the policy statement, an information checklist, and required documentation-please see

Questions? Please contact University Personnel Services’ Classification and Compensation section at 392-1213, SC 622-1213, or

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