Utility Rates

Published: August 17th, 2001

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David S. O’Brien, Director

Utility Rates

Anticipated rates for those utilities provided by the Physical Plant Division to the University of Florida campus were published in March of 2001. Those rates were based on known information at that time as well as cost projections for raw utilities from our suppliers. Actual purchase rates for raw utilities from our vendors have changed as recently as the end of July. We have also re-evaluated all cost and consumption data in an effort to ensure the lowest rates possible for our customers. The resulting rates for this fiscal year are tabulated below with percent change from fiscal year 2000/2001 indicated.

Electricity $ 0.0712 / KWH 13.9%   Increase
Chilled Water $ 92.2300 / KTn 4.1%   Increase
Steam $ 4.5400 / KLb 28.2%   Increase
Water $ 0.9200 / Kgal 1.1%   Increase
Waste Water $ 1.5600 / Kgal 6.6%   Decrease
Refuse $ 3,8700 / CuYd 9.9%   Increase

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