Management of Donor-restricted Endowments (excluding scholarships)

Published: March 25th, 2002

Category: Memos

Ed Poppell, Vice President for Finance and Administration; Paul Robell, Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs

Please see the new procedures below regarding expenditures from donor-restricted endowments held at the Foundation. These procedures will ensure a fully accountable stewardship trail for donor monies. These procedures will be effective July 1, 2002.

Management of Donor-restricted Endowments (excluding scholarships)

In the event that a College/Unit wishes to expend monies from the spendable fund of a non-scholarship UFF endowment through UF, the College/Unit shall establish a unique MG&G account, which shall be used exclusively for and in accordance with the donor restrictions from the endowment.

When a College/Unit wishes to transfer monies from the UFF endowment’s spendable fund to UF, the College/Unit shall complete a UFF Disbursement Form (UFF-D), a UFF Transfers to UF Form (UFF-U) and attach Finance and Accounting’s Form TR-20 and an MG&G Acceptance Form. UFF shall transfer those monies by check to the endowment’s unique MG&G account along with the latter two forms.

If you have any questions, please call Kathy Jones at UF, 392- 1235 or Ken Hillier at UFF, 392-5958.

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