Procedures for University Scholars Program

Published: April 3rd, 2002

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Sheila K. Dickison, Associate Provost

The list of students who have been named as University Scholars for 2002-2003 have been posted on the University Scholars Program (USP) website at Similar to last year, the following procedures for payment of the University Scholars Program (USP) stipend and research support will apply:

Research Stipend

Payment of the University Scholar stipend will be made in two (2) lump-sum payments ($1,500 in May, $1,000 in September). Depending on the Scholar’s current employment status with UF, the paperwork required to process the lump sums will vary. For example, if the Scholar is currently employed as a student assistant, then departments should complete an SP100 Student Assistant Appointment Form for the lump sum payment. Otherwise, departments should complete the T110 OPS Requisition. Information necessary in completing the appropriate form for each Scholar can be found online at

The OPS position number, department organization code (general revenue accounts only), and time-keeping location will correspond to the department making the appointment. The Office of Academic Affairs will transfer the monies to departmental accounts to cover the first of the Scholar stipends by May 17, 2002.

A satisfactory progress report must be received from the mentor in order to process the second stipend installment. The dates for the second lump-sum payment ($1000) at the end of summer will be 08/30/02-09/12/02. Second stipend transfers will be made by September 12, 2002.

Research Support

The USP has expanded its research support for the Scholar to include travel to off-campus locations to conduct research, as well as presentation at academic conferences. However, the reimbursement procedure will remain the same, i.e., the Scholar’s department should process the travel voucher for the Scholar on a departmental state account, and send a copy of the voucher to the Office of Academic Affairs for reimbursement.

Additionally, the research support for the Scholar’s mentor will be transferred to Departmental state accounts upon request from faculty mentors. This support can be requested at any time before June 30, 2003.

If you have any questions about these procedures or the University Scholar Program, please do not hesitate to contact Jeanna Mastrodicasa at the Office of Academic Affairs, or the USP website:

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