2002 – 2003 Call for Rulemaking

Published: July 26th, 2002

Category: Memos

Pamela J. Bernard, Vice President and General Counsel

This is the 2002-2003 call for rulemaking. The 2002-2003 rulemaking cycle has been adjusted in order to allow for any necessary changes that must be in place upon the effective date of the School Code Rewrite, January 7, 2003. If you or those in your units wish to make changes to University of Florida rules as found in the Florida Administrative Code, please submit to this office the proposed revisions with specific additions or deletions noted. The respective Vice President for the unit should approve the changes before they are sent to us. We will review the changes for legal authority and form, as well as consistency with other university rules, place the changes in rule format, draft notices, economic impact statements, justifications, and other supporting documents. We will obtain final approvals from the President, Provost, Vice Provost and Vice Presidents. The timetable is as follows:


September 4 Deans, directors and department chairs must submit proposed rule changes to the Office of the General Counsel
September 9 Send Notice of Rule Development Workshop to The Gainesville Sun
September 13 Publication in The Gainesville Sun of Notice of Rule Development Workshop
September 30 Rule Development Workshop (if requested)
October 7 Send Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to The Gainesville Sun
October 11 Publication in The Gainesville Sun of Notice of Proposed Rulemaking; submission of proposed rules to Joint Administrative Procedures Committee
October 23 Publish Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in The Alligator
November 4 Public hearing (if requested)
December 19 Deadline for rules to be filed with the Department of State
January 9 Effective date (possible)

The effective date is subject to change due to questions or concerns about a rule that may be raised by the Joint Administrative Procedures Committee. As this Committee may question any portion of a rule submitted for amendment, it is important that the entire rule be reviewed for consistency with current practice prior to its submission to this office.

If you submit any proposed changes after September 4th, it is unlikely they will be dealt with in this rulemaking cycle, but we will include them in the next cycle.

Please distribute this memorandum as appropriate to those in your units responsible for rulemaking.

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