University of Florida Rules

Published: March 18th, 2003

Category: Memos

Pamela J. Bernard, Vice President and General Counsel

6C1-1.007 University of Florida; Code of Penalties
6C1-1.101 University of Florida; Compensation
6C1-1.201 University of Florida; Leaves
6C1-2.0031 Finance and Administration; Identification Card Programs
6C1-2.012 University of Florida; Use of University Facilities; Fees for Use and Admissions Charges
6C1-2.019 University of Florida; Alcoholic Beverages
6C1-3.021 Finance and Administration; Purchasing, Sponsored Research Exemptions Procedures
6C1-3.030 Finance and Administration; Surplus State Property
6C1-3.037 Finance and Administration; Registration and Student Fees
6C1-3.0376 Finance and Administration; Miscellaneous Fees
6C1-3.049 Finance and Administration; Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support Staff Appraisal
6C1-3.050 Finance and Administration; University Support Personnel System Performance Appraisals
6C1-4.0161 Student Affairs; Student Conduct Code; Prohibition of Hazing; Procedures and Penalties
6C1-4.026 Student Affairs: Issuance of Transcripts, Flagging of Records, and Retention of Records in Case of Disciplinary Action<
6C1-6.016 IFAS; Visitation to or Use of Certain Facilities
6C1-7.003 Academic Affairs; Academic Personnel Employment Plan: Academic Appointments, Types of Appointments, Appointment Status Modifier, and Academic-Administrative Classification Titles
6C1-7.032 Academic Affairs; Personnel Exchange Program
6C1-7.048 Academic Affairs; Suspension, Termination, and Other Disciplinary Action for Faculty: Definition of Just Cause, Termination, Suspension, and Other Disciplinary Action, Suspension pending Investigation, Notification and Records of Disciplinary Action

The above-referenced rules as proposed or as proposed to be amended were published in The Gainesville Sun on October 18, 2002 and October 25, 2002. These rule changes in their final form are now effective and have been published on the Academic Affairs website at


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