State of Florida Contract No. 518-020-99-1; AVIS Rental Vehicles

Published: August 19th, 2003

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Michael McKee, University Controller

The following changes have been made in the State of Florida AVIS contract for in-state car rentals effective for August 2003:

        				New Rates	 Old Rates
	Vehicle Classes:        	 Per Day:	  Per Day:
	Subcompact  1(A) ECAR	           $23.71	    $23.27
	Compact  2(B) CDAR	           $25.65           $24.18
	Intermediate  3(C) IDAR	           $28.04	    $26.01
	Full-Size  4/dr 4(E) FDAR          $31.63	    $28.26
	Mini-Van  5(V) MVAN	           $37.79	    $31.92

In addition, AVIS has asked us to remind all vehicle renters that you should not try to return the vehicles with a full tank of fuel. In fact, the less fuel in the tank the better. The contract with AVIS requires that they reimburse the renter for any fuel put into the vehicle, however, they can put fuel in themselves at a significantly reduced rate thereby offering lower rental rates to the State.

Any questions should be directed to Carlos Cordero or Randy Staples at 392-1241.

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