New IT Classifications Become Effective February 2

Published: January 12th, 2004

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Chuck Frazier, Vice Provost for Information Technology

On February 2, 2004, the University of Florida will formally adopt new information technology position classifications and recruitment procedures. The new classification system will permanently replace all existing non-exempt and exempt position titles and minimum experience and education requirements for newly established, vacant, or reclassified positions.

This adoption of a new IT classification system follows excellent work done by an ad hoc committee of UF IT professionals and a very successful pilot implementation that was ably managed by the Division of Human Resources. I thank both groups for making this reclassification and transition to a new system one that benefits IT personnel as well as hiring authorities. The pilot ran for six months and demonstrated not only that the new classification system provides more fitting titles to match to actual work and assignments but it also produces significant process efficiencies.

Seven competency levels and seven distinct IT disciplines are reflected in the new classifications. Other added features of this classification system include (1) pay grade assignments that are market-driven, (2) flexible recruitment procedures to enable consideration of a broader range of applicants, and (3) the flexibility for departments to advertise one specific title or a series of three consecutive titles. IT positions no longer require a degree. Rather, a combination of experience, education, and competency certifications are bases for determining qualification for a position. Employees also may move to higher-level IT positions without being required to assume supervisory responsibilities.

Classification and recruitment procedures used during the pilot program will continue.

Effective Monday, February 2:
All positions that become vacant must be converted into the new IT series by submitting a new IT position description form, , to Classification and Compensation. All newly established IT positions (both exempt and non- exempt) must use the new IT classifications and IT position description form. All IT positions that are redefined (reclassified by submitting new position descriptions) must use the new IT classifications and IT position description form. Departments may request the reclassification of current positions into the new titles. Employees who have elected to remain in the USPS classification may continue to do so by staying in their current position. Staffs currently employed in the old titles remain eligible for compensation enhancements such as special pay increases and bonus pay. Current USPS employees who wish to promote, reassign, or demote to another IT position will be required to move to TEAMS.

The new IT classifications will enable University of Florida departments to more effectively meet their IT needs and will also provide employees and applicants with more flexibility in qualifying for positions and developing career paths. My special thanks go to Donna Johnson who chaired the ad hoc committee and to Kris Pagenkopf and Jennifer Curtis from Human Resources who worked so effectively to manage the pilot and assess its results.

Additional information about the new IT classifications is available on the Division of Human Resources’ web site at . Classification and Compensation questions should be directed to Kris Pagenkopf at 392-1213 (SC 622-1213) or . Recruiting and hiring questions should be directed to Jennifer Curtis at 392-4621 (SC 622-4621) or .

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