Price Increase for Specialty Gases Annual Contract

Published: March 15th, 2004

Category: Memos

Michael V. McKee, University Controller

In an effort to keep the University of Florida departments up-to-date on contract price increases, UF Purchasing is announcing a price increase for the Annual Contract for Specialty, Medical, Cryogenic and Industrial Gases (HC01O-03YC) for the vendor Strate Welding effective March 15, 2004 – June 30, 2004. Please see the attached Purchasing Notice for the new contract pricing for Strate Welding for Lots 1 and 4. There are 3 vendors on contract, but there is no change for the other vendors.

If you are purchasing gases from one of these vendors and not using the awarded lot number, you may be paying too much. Please review the Purchasing Notice to select the correct vendor and correct type of gas. If you are purchasing gas from a non-contracted vendor, please be aware that you are required by Florida Statutes to buy from the University of Florida contract. All purchases are subject to review and audit.

On a related matter, please turn in old cylinders that you are currently paying rent on that are not being used. There are an estimated 3,000 cylinders on campus that departments are currently paying rent on that belong to the former contractor, Valley National (formally known as Air Liquide). Any of these cylinders not being used should have been turned in at the beginning of the new Annual Gas Contract. Departments are strongly encouraged to review their cylinder inventories as well as any outstanding invoices in order to discontinue paying unnecessary rent.

The contract may be accessed by this link: Annual Contract for Specialty, Medical, Cryogenic and Industrial Gases and Accessories (HC01O-03YC) If you have any questions please contact Ms. Dana Gauthier at 392-1331 ext. 271.

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