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Published: May 26th, 2004

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Michael V. McKee, University Controller

The University Controller’s Office has revised the employee Direct Deposit Authorization form for the transition to PeopleSoft. Please see the following link: Beginning June 1, 2004 all direct deposit actions should be submitted to University Payroll Services instead of the State Comptroller’s Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything regarding my direct deposit for the July 9, 2004 pay date?

-No, the university will use the same direct deposit information used by the State Comptroller’s Office.

How will the university get my direct deposit information?

-The University will obtain the direct deposit information on file with the State Comptroller’s Office as of the June 25, 2004 pay date. This information will be utilized for the July 9 pay date.

What if I need to make a change to my banking information between now and then?

-We would discourage any unnecessary changes to banking information between now and the July 9, 2004 pay date. If a change is necessary, all direct deposit actions should be submitted to University Payroll Services beginning June 1, 2004. We will work with the State to minimize errors and provide a smooth transition.

What if I send the new form to the State Comptroller’s Office or the old form to University Payroll Services?

-This will delay the actions requested. Please be sure to send the correct form to the agency indicated on the direct deposit form.

What if the State Comptroller’s Office needs to make a payment to me, will my account still be active?

Yes, the direct deposit system will continue to retain active employee authorizations for six months after the authorization was last used. For example, direct deposit will continue to be used for transmitting DSGI’s payments of 2004 employee medical and dependent care reimbursements.

What if I have questions regarding my direct deposit?

Please contact University Payroll Services at (352) 392-1231.

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