Authority and Responsibility for Maintenance, Repair, and Alteration/Renovation of E&G Buildings and Infrastructure

Published: June 28th, 2004

Category: Memos

David S. O’Brien, Director, Physical Plant Division

This memorandum is intended to provide the University community basic guidelines on responsibilities and limitations associated with maintenance, repair, or alteration/renovation to campus buildings and infrastructure.

For several years campus departments have been directly or indirectly performing alterations/renovations to spaces occupied by the department. This is inappropriate.

The Physical Plant Division (PPD) is tasked with the stewardship of the University’s Education and General (E&G) and Health Science Center (HSC) buildings and infrastructure and is provided with funding to maintain and repair (M&R) this physical environment. M&R work activities are accomplished by either PPD in-house personnel or by contracts awarded and managed through PPD.

Any modifications of campus buildings and infrastructure requested by colleges or departments must be funded by that college or department. This includes the direct and/or indirect (impact fee) costs of increased capacity for supporting utility systems such as chiller plant, electrical expansion, and/or HVAC upgrading required by these modifications. Only PPD, Facilities Planning & Construction or their designated contractors are authorized to perform these renovation projects, which may also involve submission of a Minor Project/Construction Request (Form 90) and application for a Building Permit from Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S).

See attachment at for procedures on initiating a work order request for alterations or renovations. PPD is ready to meet with appropriate college or department representatives to provide assistance.

If unauthorized alteration/renovation work is done, the college or department that is responsible for that area will be responsible for funding removal of the unauthorized work plus corrective work, if necessary.

We request that all college and department personnel be informed of this memorandum.

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