New University Travel Guidelines

Published: June 10th, 2004

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Michael V. McKee, University Controller

Devolution from the State, transition to the PeopleSoft accounting system and inclusion of Direct Support Organizations (DSO) as a funding source, will all impact the manner in which the university processes travel. The Handbook on Business Procedures is being modified to reflect a number of changes to travel procedures. Please encourage all applicable staff to receive the PeopleSoft training on Travel and Expense available in a video presentation at

Following is a summarization of the changes EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2004.

TRRIPS – The online TRRIPS travel processing software will no longer be used in the PeopleSoft environment. All travel authorizations (TA) and expense reports will be input directly into the PeopleSoft Travel and Expense module.

Travel Authorizations (TA) – Best practices for travel require a Travel Authorization for all travel. However, a TA will only be mandatory for travel to conferences, conventions and foreign locations. PeopleSoft will capture the approval and certification process electronically for both the Travel Authorization and the Expense Report.

When a TA is mandatory and not completed and approved prior to travel, UF may require the traveler to attach a letter of justification to the supporting documentation for the PeopleSoft Expense Report.

When a traveler does not prepare a TA, he or she may obtain other documentation of advance authorization for travel. The traveler (or authorized user) should document this approval. Examples of acceptable documentation are email, letter, memo or any internally developed departmental approval form. The department will attach this documentation to the expense report and reimbursement receipts and send them to Purchasing and Disbursement Services in Elmore Hall.

Mileage – It is recommended that the traveler use the most economical means of travel considering traveler’s time, number of travelers, need to transport equipment or mileage to destination (the University formerly used an upper limit of 750 miles for driving a personal vehicle). The determination of the most economical means is left to the discretion of the department head. The allowable mileage reimbursement rate will be increased to the General Service Administration (GSA) level of 37.5ยข per mile.

Meals and Lodging – All reimbursement for meals and lodging will follow the GSA Domestic Per Diem Rate Schedule based on the destination city of travel.

UF may require a justification for a single room rate that exceeds the maximum lodging amount per the GSA Domestic Per Diem Rate Schedule (unless a conference hotel rate is used).

Meal allowances may not exceed the maximum amount per the GSA Domestic Per Diem Rate Schedule. Actual meal expenses in excess of the allowance may be charged to entertainment expense if the meal qualifies according to the rules governing the use of funds allowing entertainment. The University Purchasing Card may not be used for at restaurants for any purpose including entertainment expenses. All entertainment expenses will be audited by Purchasing and Disbursement Services. The GSA Domestic Per Diem rates will be integrated into PeopleSoft in phase two. For now the rates can be found online at:

When at this website, after determining the Meals and Incidental Expense (M&IE) rate, to determine the meal allowance breakdown see the hyperlink item on the website – NEW – M&IE Breakdown.

Travel Advances – UF may authorize payment up to 100% of an approved travel advance. In order to receive a travel advance, a traveler must personally request the advance using PeopleSoft’s Travel and Expense module and must preauthorize (electronically) the University to garnish wages if they do not settle their advance within the following defined time frame:

* Travel advances should be settled no later than 10 workdays from the travel ending date.

* If not settled within 30 workdays, UF will garnish wages through Payroll.

* Any employee whose wages are garnished to settle an advance will not be eligible for future advances.

If you have any questions please contact Randy Staples ( at 392-1241 or Greg Dubois at 392-1331 (

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