Graduate Student Tuition on Grants, Contracts and Other Sponsored Agreements

Published: August 24th, 2004

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Winfred M. Phillips, Vice President for Research

It is my pleasure to announce the University’s new Capitation Fee for Graduate Student Tuition on Grants, Contracts, and Other Sponsored Agreements.

Effective immediately for budgeting purposes in all proposals that include salary support for graduate assistants and where tuition is not prohibited by sponsor, use the in-state graduate tuition rates effective for the 04-05 academic year as follows:

        $4,608 for a 12-month period
        $1,728 Fall Semester 2004
        $1,728 Spring Semester 2005
        $1,152 Summer Semester 2005

Based on recent UF tuition adjustments, we recommend you use a 15% escalation factor when estimating tuition in future budget periods.

Tuition funds will continue to be collected through the capitation method. For the 04-05 academic year the capitation rate will be approximately $192 and will be collected per pay period from the grant, contract or other sponsored agreement.

If a graduate assistant is being paid from a specific grant, contract or other sponsored agreement that prohibits payment of tuition or the project has insufficient funds, Investigators, with assistance from their department administrators, will be required to provide an alternative source from which the University can collect the tuition funds for each and every pay period.

Nothing in this policy prohibits a Dean or Department Chair from using alternative sources to replace in full or in part the required capitation charge on a grant, contract or other sponsored agreement.

For further information or if you have questions regarding proposal budgets, please contact the Proposal Processing Office in the Division of Sponsored Research at 392-9267, and for capitation questions, please contact Sheri Austin, in the Office of the Provost at 392-2402.

Best regards.

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