Correct or Update Directory Information

Published: January 14th, 2005

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Larry T. Ellis, Director, Division of Human Resources

Many employees are not receiving important personnel information because their addresses are incorrect within the University of Florida Directory. The UF Directory is the sole authoritative source of employee addresses and is used to generate mailings for W-2s, benefits information, and other important campus-wide updates. Because departments are not required to correct employees’ contact information in the UF directory, all employees are responsible for correcting and updating their own contact information within the directory.

All employees should have the following listed correctly in the UF directory:
1)   UF Business Mailing Address (not the physical office location, but rather a campus PO Box)
2)   Local Home Mailing Address.

Every employee should go to to verify that their contact information is accurate. Then click on “Update My Directory Profile” under “My Account.”

To edit contact information, click on the orange link, “Addresses and Phone Numbers,” then choose the address to be edited and submit changes.

It is very important to list the campus mailing address under the heading “UF Business Mailing Address” and not “UF Business Physical Location Address.” Employee’s home mailing address should be listed under the heading “Local Home Mailing Address,” not “Permanent Home Mailing Address” or “Local Home Physical Location Address.”

Employees can add a “UF Business Mailing Address” or “Local Home Mailing Address” if the heading is not currently listed by clicking on the orange “Addresses and Phone Numbers” link, then select “Add New Address and Related Phones.” Select the type of address you want to create and enter the appropriate address under the required “Delivery Line” rather than the optional “Attention” and “Recipient” lines. Note: Most campus addresses have a 6-digit PO Box number.

Directory coordinators who have employees in their area without access to a computer should verify and make changes where necessary. Employees without computer access can also contact their directory coordinator if he or she is interested in verifying or making changes to their directory information.

We appreciate the cooperation of all UF employees in verifying their contact information as soon as possible. To get the latest personnel information, please log onto the Division of Human Resources monthly newsletter at then click InfoGator Newsletter.

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