Payroll & Human Resource Office – REVISED SCHEDULE

Published: January 27th, 2005

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Michael V. McKee, University Controller

The revised schedule for closing the Time & Labor (T&L) and “Confirming” (payroll calculation close process) the bi-weekly payroll may be viewed at:

We are essentially closing T&L a day earlier. This change has been made to improve the processing for the departmental administrators, as well as the Central Payroll and Human Resource core offices. This schedule gives the Central Payroll office the ability to run queries on Friday to identify and correct errors. This will also allow the core offices’ staff the ability to resolve problems by communicating directly with departmental staff during the normal work week hours. Payroll calculations are performed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. The Preliminary Paylist can be reviewed on Wednesday and Friday morning. During the day on Friday, Central Payroll will perform calculations and departments can review specific checks via the “Review Pay Check” menu.

Under the revised schedule, projected time input should be completed on Wednesday for the pay period end date Thursday. After Time Administration is processed Wednesday night, Payable Time must be approved on Thursday. Time Administration would process about 9:30 a.m. and again at about 1:00 p.m. each Thursday when T&L closes. In cases where the projected time needs adjusting, it is recommended that corrections be made in the next pay period. The T&L configuration allows T&L Processors and Approvers the ability to correct time for 60 days after the pay period end date.

The Friday following the pay period end will be used to identify any outstanding Time & Labor problems but Time Administration will not be scheduled to run during the day. Any Payable Time created from the Thursday Time Administration processing can be approved through 12 Noon on Friday, the anticipated final payroll calculation.

Questions regarding the payroll processing schedule may be sent to Murphy Miller, Human Resource questions should be sent to Kate Burch,, Janet Malphurs,, or Ruth Strawder,

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