Program Changes in the Division of Student Affairs

Published: March 2nd, 2005

Category: Memos

Patricia Telles-Irvin, Vice President for Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is making the following organizational changes to provide enhanced and coordinated services to our students for their governance structures, our commitment to service learning support and to student disability services. Some of the offices will move their physical operations over the next few months while others will remain in their current location and only change their reporting lines. Announcements will be made by the affected offices as they relocate.

* Greek Life, currently located in the Dean of Students Office, will be renamed the Office of Sororities and Fraternities and will move to the J. Wayne Reitz Union. This office will report to the Director of Student Development and External Affairs, a new position in the Division of Student Affairs.

* The Office of Community Service, currently located in the J. Wayne Reitz Union as part of the Office for Student Activities, will move to the Dean of Students Office and report to the Dean of Students as part of the new Center for Leadership and Service.

* The Director of Student Activities will assume responsibility for advising Student Government and serve as their primary liaison with the University of Florida. This function was previously carried out by the Dean of Students Office.

* Disability Resources will remain a part of the Dean of Students Office but will move to a new facility currently being constructed in Reid Hall. This move which is anticipated to be completed Fall 2005, will provide increased services and security for accommodated testing, assistive technology support, better coordination of existing support services and provide greater accessibility to students using these services.

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