Jessica Lunsford Act

Published: October 24th, 2005

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Kyle Cavanaugh, Vice President, Office of Human Resource Services

Effective September 1, 2005, the State of Florida passed House Bill 1877, which is known as the Jessica Lunsford Act. This new law may impact university faculty, staff, and students who provide services under an established contract with a school board. The Act requires criminal background checks to be conducted upon individuals who:

* have access to school grounds when students are present;
* have direct contact with students; or
* have access to or control of school funds.

If university faculty or staff are operating under a contract between the university and a school board and meet the criteria above, they will likely be required to participate in a criminal background check. Conducting the appropriate background check is the responsibility of the respective school board.

Individuals responsible for contracts with school boards should contact the contracting authority at the individual school to ensure that all faculty and staff are in full compliance with the Act.

As currently written, the Act does not impact the delivery of services provided on the University of Florida campus.

If you have additional questions please contact Brenda Tieden, Employee Relations, at 392-3786.

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