Departmental Vehicle Purchases

Published: January 5th, 2006

Category: Memos

Ed Poppell, Vice President for Finance and Administration

In accordance with our ongoing efforts to move towards a sustainable campus the following purchasing directive has been established regarding the purchase of departmental vehicles.

1. It is the intent of the University to purchase only hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles.

2. Purchasing Services maintains a listing of available hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles by vehicle type and class at to assist departments with choosing a vehicle for purchase.

3. Equivalent “gas only” vehicles may also be considered under the following circumstances:

a. The cost differential or lead time for the recommended hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle would negatively impact research and a “DSR Exemption” has been approved.
b. No hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle exists within the vehicle type and class needed.

4. The purchase of used vehicles will also adhere to this directive.

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