Short Work Break for 9-and 10-month employees

Published: March 28th, 2006

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Kyle Cavanaugh

University of Florida 9- and 10- month employees (Faculty, Graduate Assistants, TEAMS) will be placed on “Short Work Break” for the summer semester automatically this year.

To prepare for this process, during the weekend of April 1, UF Bridges will run a report of those employees who will be put on short work breaks based on their appointments in People Soft. This report will be available to departments/units to review on April 3 by navigating to Public Folder>Human Resources>Workforce Information under Enterprise Reporting.

If an employee is not scheduled to be employed beyond 5/15/06, then a termination with the correct action/reason codes needs to be completed in People Soft. Please make sure that the termination is entered before the short work break process is applied to People Soft. If no action is taken then the employee’s job data will automatically be updated to reflect a Short Work Break action and reason.

The Short Work Break process will be automated and will be applied by UF Bridges during the weekend of April 15. Affected employees will have a new job row added to job data in People Soft effective 5/16/06 for 9 month employees and 6/9/06 for 10 month employees with the action of Short Work Break and a reason of Short Work Break.

To ensure that a row can be created, there cannot be any pending job actions (such as department ID changes, transfers pay rate changes) nor can there be any future dated job rows. Please review your employees to make sure none of these exist by Thursday, April 13.

Time reporting also will be automatically be inactivated for the Short Work Break period; however, departments are still encouraged to verify that this process has been completed to ensure that these employees do not continue to be paid.

These employees will be automatically returned from Short Work Break before the start of the fall semester. Information will be provided about this process at a future date.

We also plan to automate summer jobs in People Soft for 9 month Graduate Assistants and 9 month Faculty. Information on this process will be sent out at a later date.

If you have any questions, please contact Academic Personnel at 392-1251 for faculty and graduate assistants and Human Resource Services at 392-4621 for Teams employees.

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