Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars Nomination

Published: November 29th, 2006

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Debra Walker King, Associate Provost, Faculty Development

This is a reminder of our Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars, created specifically to recognize faculty who have excelled as teaching scholars throughout their careers, and a clarification of the deadlines:

*All nominations are due in the Associate Provost’s Office by January 16th, 2007. No e-mail nominations will be accepted. This is a deadline for nominations only.

*Nominees will be notified of their nominations by January 19th. The completed nominee packets are due in the Associate Provost’s Office by February 19th.

Please send packets to Faculty Development (235 Tigert Hall, PO Box 113050) and address any questions to Isabel Silver, Assistant Director, Faculty Development (


For further information and to share with faculty:

The Academy serves to recognize those who provide the very best educational experiences for our graduate and undergraduate students. While Department, College and University Teaching awards acknowledge past accomplishments on an annual basis, the recipients of this honor are bestowed lifetime Academy membership. Current Academy members will serve as the selection committee for the next five inductees. Once the cadre of 15 active members is reached, the five members cycling off will be replaced by five new members. Members cycling off will retain the title “Distinguished Teaching Scholar” and continue to be part of the Academy.

Academy members serve for three years as an Advisory Board to the Provost Office for Faculty Development. During a member’s three-year service on the Board, the Distinguished Teaching Scholar will actively assist the Associate Provost in developing educational programs and workshops for faculty and graduate students. They will also be called on periodically to advise the Provost, Dean of the Graduate School, and the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education on academic initiatives. An honorarium of $5,000 per year (total of $15,000) will be awarded to each Scholar for their service. These funds can be used as an overhead account.

A plaque with the names of the Scholars is displayed in the Provost’s Office.

I strongly encourage you to nominate deserving faculty members for the Academy. Candidates may also self-nominate. Copies of the nomination form and required materials can be found at .

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