Faculty Achievement Reception

Published: November 17th, 2006

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Debra Walker King, Associate Provost, Faculty Development

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce that the Provost’s Office for Faculty Development will be hosting a unique event this spring, the Faculty Achievement Reception. This special event offers an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the milestone achievements of our outstanding faculty.

Because we are fortunate to have so many accomplished faculty members, I am requesting your help in the selection process. I would like each college to identify up to two faculty members or one percent of the faculty – whichever is greater – achieving outstanding merit in scholarship and research during the past two years. When making your selection, please remember that we seek to recognize milestone achievements beyond promotion and tenure. These should be achievements not usually recognized through conventional means by the department or the college. Below are a few examples of achievements we wish to celebrate:

  • Receiving extramural grant funding from significant grantors. Specific emphasis should be placed on the length of funding (approximately five years or more) and the amount of the award ($1 million per year or more).
  • Achievements making a substantial contribution to the college and/or the University’s stated goals or national rankings.
  • Fellowships in highly visible and recognized societies within the faculty member’s discipline (ex: American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists).
  • Major external research awards.
  • Nobel Peace Prize recipients.
  • Guggenheim Award recipients and
  • Major book, performance or other outstanding scholarly achievements.

This is by no means an absolute listing, but instead a reference to aid your selection process. Please fill out the attached form for each honoree. All selections should be submitted no later than December 18, 2006. Please contact me for any further questions.

Thank you!

Faculty Member Submission Form

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