Material and Supply Fees

Published: February 2nd, 2007

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Sheri P. Austin, Director, University Budgets

We are now accepting applications to establish or adjust material and supply fees for the Fall 2007 term. The decision to implement new or modified fee requests must be approved by the President by February 23rd. Therefore please submit your requests to me by February 15, 2007.

Colleges and Departments are reminded that they must maintain records of the revenue and expenditures made per course. To maintain these records, Departments should use the PeopleSoft Query Viewer reporting tool for revenue tracking. We have also implemented a new procedure to track expenditures via the voucher system; effective Fall 2006 term, all M&S Fee expenditures must be linked to the course for which you are purchasing supplies through input of the course number in the DEPTFLEX field in that voucher.

Available cash balances must be below 15% of term revenues two weeks after the close of classes. Please review your course fees and applicable supplies for relevancy. Courses for which a fee has previously been approved do not require a new application. A request to increase a fee should be accompanied by a detailed description of the cost associated with the increase, including any items that will be purchased. Please note that the fees should supplement rather than replace existing resources. Additionally, a request to amend an existing fee should be submitted prior to purchasing items that were not included in the original proposal. A copy of the original proposal by course will be provided upon request.

Your requests should include the following information:

1. The name and number of the course(s) for which the fee should be collected.

2. The amount of the fee requested. (There is no fee limitation; however, fees over $50.00 must be justified. Please round to the nearest half dollar.)

3. Detailed cost information about the items for which the fee is to be assessed. (Departments are required to keep arecord of the revenue collected and related expenditures for each course.)

4. Estimated annual enrollment for the course.

5. Estimated annual revenue from the fees for each course.

6. The name and telephone number of the departmental contact person responsible for the accounting aspects of the requested fees.

7. Signature of the Dean or their designee.

For clinical courses, care must be taken to insure that fees are not assessed for materials if the costs of these materials are also included in the patient’s charges.

Copies of the forms and policy guidelines can be found on our website: Please call Susan Morris at 392-2402 if you have any questions.

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