CNS-Telecommunications Rates for FY ‘07-‘08

Published: May 14th, 2007

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Marc Hoit, Interim Chief Information Officer

Computing and Networking Services has completed an annual review of our Telecommunications Rate Structure. Overall, CNS-Telecommunications operating revenue breaks even. However, some telephone services do not fully recover their fair share of overhead costs. Recent audits recommended that we eliminate such subsidies. To accomplish this, a few changes have been made to Telecommunications Operations as well as Telecommunications Rates.

Effective July 1, 2007, Telecommunications will eliminate monthly maintenance fees and begin charging time and material rates for all installation and maintenance activities. This will result in a drop in monthly recurring charges from Telecommunications. However, should you need any installation or maintenance work; you will be charged a time and materials rate. Rates for time and materials are listed below.

Beginning July 1, 2007, in response to audit findings, Telecommunications will be charging a surcharge to key systems to fairly allocate administrative, emergency, and other fees. Users of Centrex and VoIP based telephone handsets will not be affected by this change.

Finally, beginning July 1, 2007, the “Infrastructure” fee of $1.00 per line will be eliminated.

Telecom Rate Changes, effective July 1, 2007, are listed below:

FY ‘06-‘07 FY ‘07-‘08
1. Centrex Line Rate: $ 18.65 $ 18.65
2. Key System Line Rate $ 18.65 $ 18.65
3. Key System Surcharge $ 0.00 $ 7.00
4. VOIP Line Rate $ 11.25 $ 11.25
5. Infrastructure Fee $ 1.00 $ 0.00
6. Telephone Maintenance Rate variable $ 0.00
7. Telephone Work Service Charge $ 0.00 $ 25.00 / work order
8. Telecommunications Hourly Service Fee $ 55.00 $ 75.00 / hour

For Questions regarding CNS Telecommunications rates and rate changes for FY 07-08, Please contact John Madey at 273-1113.

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